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Vorza S Buggy Flux
Vorza S Buggy Flux
Vorza S Buggy Flux
Vorza S Buggy Flux
Vorza S Buggy Flux

Vorza S Buggy Flux

Valmistaja: HPI Racing
849,00 € 675,00 €
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Tuotteen lähetysaika 4-10 arkipäivää
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Tuotekoodi: HP160179
Numero: V160179
RC-auton tyyppi: Buggy
Käyttövoima: Sähkökäyttöiset
Vetotapa: Nelivetoinen
RC-auton skaala: 1/8 - pituus n. 50cm
Vaikeusaste: Keskitason haastavuus
Sähkömoottorin tyyppi: Hiiliharjaton moottori
Valmiusaste (RTR, Kit): Valmiiksi koottu (RTR)
Huippunopeusarvio: Yli 60km/h saavutettavissa

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Tekniset tiedot

Buggies and truggies have been a major part of the HPI off-road range for many years, so when the time came to update this range of epically awesome off-road monsters, the choice to keep things true to the Vorza roots was easy!

The Vorza started life as a competition vehicle designed to be approachable, tunable and most of all FUN!! And that’s where we’ve taken Vorza for 2022. Fully tunable, highly capable and HPI TOUGH!

Under the body, each new Vorza Buggy has a ton of great durability and tuning features that make each one a joy to drive with a clear upgrade path to the "S" spec and beyond! The Vorza takes the race-winning design and mixes it up with HPI FLUX tech to give you awe-inspiring speed! This is a ready to run (RTR) Buggy that you can take to BMX jumps for hair-raising big-air thrills, and then you can take it straight to any track for top-level racing action - it will turn heads and amaze your friends!

The RTR Vorza S FLUX chassis features a wide range of excellent features, esteemed performance heritage, amazingly powerful motor and speed controller combination, complete adjustability in the suspension and a tunable drivetrain, if you want to experiment to tune your Vorza S FLUX to your liking.

The S Spec adds 7075 aluminum chassis plate, 7075 front and rear shock towers, 7075 front and rear suspension hangers at both ends, adjustable upper turnbuckles and steering links and 16mm big bore shocks with threaded body, top cap, lower seal cap and spring adjuster all in high quality aluminum! They also include a HD version of the 4mm shock shaft!

For 2022, each Vorza Buggy has a completely brand new look as well, with totally new bodies in Matt and Gloss effect and wild new custom painted colors! Even the wheels and tires are all-new designs for a true "Stop at Nothing" attitude!!

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