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Register and Privacy Statement

Privacy Policy - Hobbylinna

Register Description

Personal Data Act (523/99) Section 10

Date of preparation: April 6, 2010

1.1. Data Controller

Hobbylinna Oy

Satakunnantie 105

20320 Turku


1.2. Person Responsible for Register Matters

Hobbylinna Oy

Business ID: 1759736-8

Satakunnantie 105

20320 Turku


1.3. Register Name

User Register of Hobbylinna.fi Online Store

1.4. Purpose of Processing Personal Data (Purpose of the Register)

Personal data stored in the User Register of Hobbylinna.fi Online Store is used for managing customer relationships, handling inquiries, marketing purposes, and other purposes related to online services.

1.5. Data Content of the Register

The register collects basic information about registered users, such as:



Phone number

Email address

1.6. Regular Sources of Information

The data controller registers the information about users of Hobbylinna Oy's online store that the user provides while using the website.

1.7. Regular Disclosures of Data and Transfers of Data outside the EU or the European Economic Area

No regular disclosures of data to third parties. No transfers of data outside the EU or the EEA.

1.8. Principles of Register Protection

The data of the User Register of Hobbylinna Oy's online store is stored in the data controller's system, which is protected by operating system security software. Access to the system requires entering a username and password. The system is also protected by firewalls and other technical means. Only certain predefined employees of the data controller are authorized to access and use the data contained in the register. The data stored in the register is located in locked and guarded premises.

1.9. Right to Prohibit Processing

The registered individual has the right to prohibit the data controller from processing personal data for direct marketing, distance selling, and other direct marketing, as well as market and opinion research, and for the personal directory and genealogy purposes. The prohibition must be made in writing and addressed to the persons responsible for register matters.

1.10. Right to Inspection by the Registered Individual

The registered individual has the right to inspect the personal data stored in the register concerning themselves and to obtain copies of it. The request for inspection must be made in writing and addressed to the person responsible for register matters.

1.11. Data Correction

The data controller corrects, deletes, or completes personal data in the register that is erroneous, unnecessary, incomplete, or outdated for the purpose of processing, either on their own initiative or at the request of the registered individual. The registered individual should contact the person responsible for register matters to correct the information.

2.0. Cookies

Hobbylinna.fi uses cookies and similar technologies, such as browser local storage. Cookies are small text files exchanged between the user's browser and the server. The lifespan of cookies and other identifiers is determined, after which the browser removes the identifier. These technologies are used for implementing functions, personalization, analytics, and targeted marketing.

Functional cookies and local storage enable user identification, maintenance of login sessions, delivery time estimations, and cart functionalities. Acceptance and usage of functional cookies and local storage are necessary for performing these functions. The variables of functional cookies and local storage set by the server remain in the browser from 15 minutes to 24 months unless cleared from the browser settings. Visiting the site resets cookies and local storage variables if the browser allows it.

Through personalized user experiences, we provide more relevant product recommendations on our website. For this purpose, an Algonomy (formerly RichRelevance) cookie is set in the user's browser. These cookies persist in the browser from 30 minutes to 24 months. The data sent to Algonomy, such as page visits and search history, is anonymized, and the partner cannot identify the user's identity.

Partners and technologies used for analytics and targeted marketing help us understand customer behavior and interests. The data collected is anonymized whenever possible. Otherwise, we treat the data as personal if it contains user-specific information, such as IP addresses. Identifiers that can be linked to a user are treated as personal data. The lifespan of identifiers ranges from 30 seconds to 24 months.

We utilize Google Analytics, Google Tag Manager, Google AdWords, Google Display Network, and Google DoubleClick for site usage analytics, popular products, trends, and sales-related analytics, and with your consent, for targeted marketing. The data sent to Google contains only anonymized or pseudonymized information. Learn more about Google Analytics data processing.

In addition to account privacy settings, users can opt-out of targeted marketing identifiers by enabling the browser's Do Not Track feature and setting the browser to reject third-party cookies. Account privacy settings override the browser's Do Not Track feature when logged in.