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1:35 BMR-3M Mine Clearing Vehicle

Valmistaja: Meng Model
71,90 €
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Tuotteen lähetysaika 6-12 arkipäivää
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Tuotekoodi: SS-011
Numero: G5930133
Varastopaikka: 0.0
Ajanjakso: 2000-luku
Ajoneuvotyyppi: Tela-ajoneuvo
Valtio: Venäjä
Tuotemerkki: Meng Model

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Tekniset tiedot

The Pathbreaker of the Iron Storm




The successful crossing of Soviet armor units through the minefield in Belarus in summer 1944 has been a popular topic among military scholars and enthusiasts. The importance of barrier-breaking vehicles has since been known to every soldier. The new era requires new equipment. Today, the Russian military is not only equipped with tank-mounted KMT series
mine clearing devices, but also with armored mine clearing vehicles which can cooperate with tanks in operations. The BMR-3M armored mine clearing vehicle based on the T-90 tank chassis has the same maneuverability as the T-90 tank and it has improved mine protection. This vehicle is equipped with various countermine devices to clear a path through the minefield for the armor units.
The MENG SS-011 1/35 Russian BMR-3M Armored Mine Clearing Vehicle plastic model is 308mm long and 109mm wide. This kit has 1,300 parts. This kit features clear lights, periscopes and optical equipment, realistic and movable torsion bar suspension, easy-to-assemble workable tracks, openable crew hatches and find PE parts. Two paint schemes are included.




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