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1:35 Russian Armed Forces Tank Crew

Valmistaja: Meng Model
Koottava pienoismallifiguuri
15,90 €
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Tuotteen lähetysaika 6-12 arkipäivää
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Tuotekoodi: HS-007
Numero: G5930148
Ajanjakso: 2000-luku
Valtio: Venäjä
Tuotemerkki: Meng Model

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Tekniset tiedot

The High-spirited Russian Tank Crew




Russian soldiers are the most concrete manifestation of the Russian national spirit. from the line infantry bayonets charges in the Kutuzov era, to the bloody fighting in Stalingrad, and then to the special forces officers fighting in Syria, generations of Russia soldiers have earned the honor of the supreme pride. Every year, military parades will be held throughout Russia. As the core of the Russian Armed Forces, each time the armored units lead the vehicles formation. Everyone watching the parades can feel their pride.

Compared to the numerous Russian armor kits you can find everywhere, there are very few modern Russian military figures in the market. We have received many suggestions from modelers who wish to see more Russian figures. Now MENG releases the latest figure product, the HS-007 Russian Armed Forces Tank Crew kit, which contains five Russian Armed Forces tank figures. This kit features rich facial expressions of figures, excellent details, and strictly studied uniforms. Two figures are in parade uniform and gestures. They can be used in a parade diorama with TS-006. Three figures are in exercise and training gestures. They can be used with TS-006, TS-014 and TS-028. Support parts are provided to fix the figures on the tank models. We believe it will become an eye-catching addition to your armor models.



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