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1:72 Fiat G.91R NATO Air Forces

Valmistaja: Meng Model
31,90 €
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Tuotekoodi: DS-004s
Numero: G5930111
Varastopaikka: 0.0
Lentokoneen käyttövoima: Suihkumoottori
Valtio: Italia
Tuotemerkki: Meng Model

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G.91 was the first combat aircraft designed and developed by Italy itself after WWII. It served in the Italian Air Force and the Luftwaffe. It was also used by the Portuguese Air Force for the war of Africa. Besides, G.91s were used by the Frecce Tricolori from 1964 to 1981.G.91R was the most widely used version in the G.91 series.

1/72 G.91R Light Fighter-Bomber plastic model kit. It’s 143mm long and 118mm in wingspan. Two variant options provided:R/1 or R/3. Landing gear, canopy and airbrakes can be built to be open or closed. Three types of rocket launchers and one type of bomb provided. Three painting options provided (including the Frecce Tricolori markings). A PVC velcro badge of Frecce Tricolori of Italian Air Force was included as a gift in the initial packages.


    Delicate and ingenious aircraft shape is perfectly modeled; painting scheme of Frecce Tricolori of Italian Air Force is wonderfully reproduced.



    Wheel wells representing the real aircraft are precise and delicate.



    Beautifully shaped aircraft nose is reproduced realistically with characteristics of the real aircraft being presented correctly.



    Delicate change in the tail is completely represented.



    Delicate decal sheet contains schemes of Frecce Tricolori of Italian Air Force, Luftwaffe and US Army



    The Kit Contains Grey And Clear Sprues. A PVC velcro badge of Frecce Tricolori of Italian Air Force was included as a gift in the initial packages.


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