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Tamiya Cutting Mat, Blue (A5 Size) leikkausalusta

Valmistaja: Tamiya
10,90 €
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Tuotekoodi: 74142
Numero: V543756
Työkalun tyyppi: Leikkuu- ja askartelualustat
Tuotemerkki: Tamiya

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Tekniset tiedot

Tamiya Cutting Mat  (A5 Size/Blue)

The long-running and highly popular range of Tamiya cutting mats, designed specifically for the scale modeler, now enters a new era with the release of this product. Not only is it made from a new, virtually odorless resin, it is also the first A5 size cutting board in the Tamiya product line-up - a compact tool that is easy to tidy away and even carry around.

Item Contents/Information
• Dimensions: 150mm x 220mm x 2mm thickness. The surface area slightly exceeds A5 size.
• Made from semi-transparent blue-green resin with virtually zero odor.
• Features an internal hard layer sandwiched by softer outer layers, increasing knife blade longevity while leaving minimal cut marks.
• The front side is printed with useful 1cm and 5mm grids, 5-degree increment angles, 1mm step rulers, curved and circular markings, while the reverse is plain.


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